A warrior cat roleplay
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering   Fri May 22, 2015 12:30 pm

Tilting her head she looked back to Sprinter, listening closely to each word,  Although, I have nothing to say that would particularly change your life. You learn things as a rouge, but it's mostly just the words that the rest of the world uses. At these words, the she couldn't help but smile and give off a content purr.

"I agree with you, rogues and loners can learn a lot from being out here.. They rely on only themselves, they learn to not place their trust in others quickly, they only have themselves to think of..." shaking her head. "It's a hard... but good life to live" she mewled as if she knew what she was talking about. "In a clan you can't just think about yourself, to think about yourself is to die or allow others to die, you have to trust those in your clan but be weary of those outside it even if they have the same beliefs. It's not an ideal life but it is what we lead" she purred

Pawing at the ground, she made a small pile of dirt before smacking down on it with her right paw.  "I'm not welcome out in these parts of the forest... Or, well to be honest I am... But it's more dangerous for me to be alone." she narrowed her eyes. "To why my paws carried me here I will never know, perhaps my heart yearns for something that I can never have" her eyes became troubled and unsheathed her claws and dug them into the ground.

Widening eyes, she snapped her head up. "Please.... Forgive me, I have no idea what I'm blabbering on about.."
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering   Fri May 22, 2015 1:22 pm

Sprinter laughed once. "Blabbering can be fun. If you don't spend too much thinking before you speak, it often ends up as your real intention. Even if you didn't know it in the first place." She could feel her mind relaxing, as it started to realize the cat was less of a foe. She chewed at a bug bite for a moment, listening to the Clan leader compare rouge life to Clan life. It was hard, she agreed, although it was the price to pay for freedom. In a Clan, you had guaranteed food and shelter, but you had to live under a set of rules you might not agree with. Her mind laughed, remembering her actual reason for not joining a Clan. She decided to share it, as a snippet of humor. "It still appeals to many, Clan life does, and the whole protectiveness of it is quite nice. They're like huge family's. They squabble, but in the end they still stand together." At least, that was her interpretation of it. "I would have asked to join one when I first came her, actually, but I don't want to lose my name. The Clans were well-off anyways, I don't think they would have needed another member." She had always found the naming-system creative, although you had to start in the clan to begin with. Her brother, Silvertounge, had been given the name Silverkit by their mother, who was MidnightWalker. They both had relatively nice names, but they'd been Clan-born. Sprinter had named herself, and she knew no clan would allow a Sprinterclaw, and she disliked it anyways. She looked up, listening to SilenceStar explain about her not being welcome in the forest, and then correcting herself. It wasn't safe? The white cat didn't seem like someone who would be afraid of much. It must be something rather important, more than just a "Monster".
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