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 Journey - Semi Realistic Wolf RPG (Affiliate Request)

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Journey Admins

PostSubject: Journey - Semi Realistic Wolf RPG (Affiliate Request)   Wed May 13, 2015 7:43 pm

Journey Is A Semi Realistic Wolf RPG made up of three packs, Each with there own meanings. Lucid Grave which thrives for the taste of blood and shows no pity to outsiders. Shattered Eclipse a wolf pack that has been formed over many years and is still standing today, and The Solar Sentinels a new pack within the area who are naturally kind hearted wolves that care for others.

Which path will you choose? Blood and Bones or Courage and Kindness?

The choice is yours!



Notes: Currently In Need Of Staff and Accepting High Ranks

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Journey - Semi Realistic Wolf RPG (Affiliate Request)
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