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 FANG'S CREED - A Do Anything You Want Wolf RP

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Silas Admin

PostSubject: FANG'S CREED - A Do Anything You Want Wolf RP   Wed May 13, 2015 10:01 pm

Fang's Creed is a Freestyle Wolf Role-Play. That means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is allowed! Just so long as you keep it all PG-13. You can roleplay any situation whenever and wherever you wants. You don't have have to join a wolf pack, and you are free to make your own. Character bios are not required for you to start RPing, just join a thread with a character or make your own thread.

Anything you can imagine is allowed. One of you might want a rainbow wolf with fuzzy cheeks and glitter all over you; you can do that, fi you wish. Some of you might want a realistic wolf. An dothers want a sci-fi robotic or elemental wolf with epic powers. You can do all of this!

1. Nice default skin, blues and blacks!

2. Freestyle Wolf RP! Do anything you want!

3. Elemental, Sci-Fi and Realistic Wolves ALLOWED!


5. We are a new RP, for now! <3

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FANG'S CREED - A Do Anything You Want Wolf RP
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