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 Shad's Charrie List

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PostSubject: Shad's Charrie List   Shad's Charrie List EmptyTue May 19, 2015 6:59 pm

Name: Fallenstar - Rank & Clan: Leader of Foxclan - Gender: She-cat - Mate: None. - Kits: None.

Fallenshadow(OOC) - LINK HERE - Joining Fallenshadow.
Wandering - LINK HERE - Fallenshadow meets Silencestar and Sprinter
A Star Has Fallen Into Starclan's Midst - LINK HERE - Fallenshadow becomes Fallenstar.
Starting Out - LINK HERE- Fallenstar returns to her clan a leader.
The Huntress, The Hunter, and the prey - LINK HERE - Fallenstar hunts with Riverfoot, her first hunt since becoming a leader.

Name: Fadedpaw - Rank & Clan: Apprentice of Crowclan - Gender: Tom-cat - Mate: None. - Kits: None.

Fadedpaw of Crowclan(OOC) - LINK HERE - Joining Fadedpaw.
A New Beginning - LINK HERE - INFO HERE.
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Shad's Charrie List
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