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 Fadedpaw of Crowclan

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PostSubject: Fadedpaw of Crowclan   Tue May 19, 2015 6:29 pm

Name: Fadedpaw

Age: 7 moons old

Gender: Tom-cat

Appearance: A large young tabby tom, Fadedpaw has light green eyes. He is slightly large for an apprentice, but move gracefully despite the fact. His fur is long, hued browns that are striped with black.

Personality: This young tom is quiet and respectful, not really all that energetic considering he is an apprentice. He is a watchful tom, that likes to imagine himself as a warrior and ponders over what it may be. Sometimes if he becomes interested in a subject, he may break his quiet to ask questions.

Kits: It's probably surprising to think an apprentice doesn't like kits, considering he's not much older than one. Still, Fadedpaw doesn't like kits because they have so much energy, and they waste it! Why play when you could be doing other things, like exploring and getting into mischief?

Thorn bushes: Whenever he goes too close to one, his long fur gets tangled in them. It's usually a painful and time consuming process to free himself of their prickly grasp, and he hates thorn bushes so much he goes out of his way to avoid them.

Water: He'll drink it, but he doesn't like rain... For the obvious reasons; he is a cat after all.
Sunbathing: A nice, comfortable way to spend the day is just to find a nice sunny rock and lay on it. Maybe even get a nap in if there's a cool breeze.

Silence: Ah, how noise distracts the mind! Fadedpaw scorns those who are loud on a nice sunny day. He likes being able to hear himself think, even if his thoughts are mindless banter.

She-cats?: He's always felt better around she-cats for some reason; perhaps it is because his father abandoned him after his birth.

Gentle: Sometimes Fadedpaw may hold back because of his size if he is worried he will hurt someone he doesn't want to, and this could be used against him.

Aloof: Usually doesn't care what other think of him unless they are his clanmates, this sometimes makes him more enemies than it does friends.

Social Zero: He's not always good at getting what he's trying to convey across, as he doesn't like to open up to those he does not know. If he has to, he will, but he won't be happy about it.

Patient: Unless he's dealing with kits, Fadedpaw is usually very patient with others.

Listener: Sense he doesn't talk very often, he spends most of his time listening to others. Sometimes this gains him information he would not know otherwise.

Mother: Moonwhisper(Deceased)

Father: Tigerwish

Littermates: Goldenkit(Deceased)

Clan: Crowclan

Rank: Apprentice

History: Fadedpaw doesn't like to talk about his family. His mother died when he was born, along with his sister. He was raised by his father, who left him when he became six moons old. Now alone, Fadedpaw sometimes pretends he's in a different world, one where everyone is his family. He doesn't like kits because he's afraid his bad luck would spread, and avoids them when he can.

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PostSubject: Re: Fadedpaw of Crowclan   Tue May 19, 2015 6:40 pm

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Fadedpaw of Crowclan
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