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 A Star Has Fallen Into Starclan's Midst

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A Star Has Fallen Into Starclan's Midst Empty
PostSubject: A Star Has Fallen Into Starclan's Midst   A Star Has Fallen Into Starclan's Midst EmptyMon May 18, 2015 7:24 pm

Fallenshadow was a little nervous as she made her way down to the moonpool; she had fasted for the necessary amount of time to be sure she could visit with Starclan, and now the time had come. Jaggedstar had left her as deputy of the clan once Lilywhisper had retired, and now was the time she had come to see if Starclan would give her the rank of leader with their blessing. There! The water in the cave seemed to cast a soft glow of light even though it wasn't moon-high yet, and long trod upon ground gently led her to the edge.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, and then touched the surface. It could have taken ages or minutes, but soon Fallenshadow found herself face to face with her former leader. "Jaggedstar!" She exclaimed happily; the older cat looked much younger than she had remembered him in life, but she still managed to recognize him somehow. There was warmth in the other cat's eyes, but he did not speak. Instead he motioned, and suddenly eight other starry cats were beside her.

Fallenshadow recognized most of the ones that had been alive when she was younger, but did not know some of the cats at all. Jaggedstar, Lilywhisper, Ashensong, Smokefeather, and several others she could not named sat in a small circle around her. Jaggedstar stepped fourth, smiling slightly. "Fallenshadow, I have been watching from Silverpelt; it makes me glad to see you are doing well. Mine will be the last gift you receive; I warn you now, receiving lives is not always easy. It means abandoning your original life to receive the nine that will mark you a leader with your new title."

Fallenshadow nodded; she had understood that it would not be easy. Not just any cat could become a leader, and succeed. She was only just beginning her story. Jaggedstar nodded at her and stepped back. An unfamiliar cat stepped forward; they had reddish brown fur and amber eyes, a distinctively skinny tom. The cat proceeded to place his nose to Fallenshadow's forehead. "My name is Ferretleap. I was a deputy who was wrongly murdered, but I do not hold a grudge against the one who killed me. With this life, I give you trust. Use it well in a time you need the help of a cat who seems treacherous."

Pain rushed through Fallenshadow's body briefly as she was granted her first life. She panted slightly, but showed no other signs it had affected her. She smiled at Ferretleap as he stepped back to allow another cat to take his place. A small she-cat with white fur and a light brown scarred muzzle placed her nose to Fallenshadow's forehead. "I am Rosefall; I was a medicine cat and I did all I could to heal every injured cat placed before me. One of those cats turned on me and left the scars that grace my muzzle, and I learned that not all injuries lie on the body. With this life, I give you loyalty. Use it well when in the face of doubt."

Again, there was brief pain as Fallenshadow received her second life. She blinked, and watched as Rosefall stepped back and was replaced by another cat. This was a she-cat with gray fur and light brown eyes, and she seemed unusually small. "My name is Robin; I was an expecting Queen and even though I knew I would probably not survive the birth of my kits, I had to try. With this life, I give you persistence. Use it well to chase the dreams you follow."

Fallenshadow was surprised when the pain seemed less as she received this life, perhaps she was getting used to it. Now she had three lives, and there were six more to go. The next cat to step fourth seemed younger than the others, and Fallenshadow pinned his age to be somewhere between young warrior and old apprentice. His fur was black and white, seeming to weave the two colors into a strange but interesting pattern. "My name is Spiderpaw; I was ambitious and easy to anger, and I wish I had not been. With this life, I give you judgment. Use it well if your ever uncertain about what to do."

She smiled as the next cat approached to give her the fifth life; it was Smokefeather? He had been an elder when she had last seen him, and now he seemed much younger. With smiling amber eye, a darkened gray pelt, and a white underbelly he was hard to miss. "Fallenshadow, ah, I remember when you were just another eager apprentice. Ready to become a leader?" Without waiting for an answer, Smokefeather placed his nose to her forehead. "With this life, I give you wisdom. Use it well when all else seems lost."

Fallenshadow still felt pain, but it felt warmer somehow. Perhaps it was because she had known him before his death. Next to step forward was Ashensong, her fur was a mixture of nicely blended white and gray highlighted by pretty blue eyes which had been blind when the she-cat had been alive. "Ah, Fallenshadow. Remember when I treated your greencough when you were younger? Oh I know you probably don't remember, but that okay." The she-cat placed her nose to Fallenshadow's forehead. "With this life, I give you strength. Sometimes it isn't easy to follow the path before you, use it well if you ever find yourself lost."

Fallenshadow waited for the warm pain to pass, and then grinned when Lilywhisper stepped up give her the seventh life. "I am not sorry I retired and left you in my place, Fallenshadow. I gave the clan a long life of service and all must rest eventually." The former deputy touched her nose to Fallenshadow's forehead. "With this life, I grant you youth. Use it well when the time comes."

She watched Lilywhisper retreat, and was puzzled when a russet brown, black, and orange cat stepped fourth; the cat had amber eyes and white paws. The stars in this cat's pelt shone faintly, and Fallenshadow had to focus a little to see them. "Hello Fallenshadow. You never knew me in your lifetime, but I go by the name of Fox. I was the founder of Foxclan, and I am glad to see it has an interesting future." Fox did not give her time to think about that, the cat quickly placed his nose to her forehead. "With this life, I give you hope. Use it well when your faith is roaming."

At last, as Fox stepped away Jaggedstar stepped forward to give her the final life. Jaggedstar was a sturdy black cat with green eyes, and Fallenshadow had known him most of her life. "Lead well for me, Fallenshadow." He said fondly, and then placed a small nose to her forehead. "With this life, I give you peace. The life of a leader is not an easy one; use it well when you're in your greatest time of need."

He stepped back. "I hail you by your new name, Fallenstar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of Foxclan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity." He paused, and then smiled. "You may return to your clan a new cat." He told her, and then vanished with the others.

Fallenstar woke alone next to moonpool, but she could still feel the presence of the other cats that had once been of her clan. Her body didn't want to move, but she stood up anyway. Now she was a leader, and it was time to take her first steps. She turned and left, silently thanking Starclan for it's blessing and wishing them well.
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A Star Has Fallen Into Starclan's Midst
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