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Name: Fallenkit -> Fallenpaw -> Fallenshadow

Age: 32 moons (About three years)
Gender: She-cat

Appearance: A small beige and brown she-cat with feather-soft fur. She has ice blue eyes and while she may seem pretty, this she-cat has claws when she wants to. With long legs and graceful movements, Fallenshadow is named for her apt ability to surprise others; even among her kind. She is a very, very good hunter.

Personality: Not unfriendly, but not exactly welcoming to those she does not trust. Fallenshadow is a cat that likes to know where others stand, but once she knows she is very friendly. If this cat is hunting, it's best you not disturb her focus. Once she's in a hunt she is expecting to sink her claws into prey, and if you get in her way you may become her prey. In battle, she does what she can to protect those weaker than her. She helps those she can.


Arrogance(Unless it's her own): Oh yes, Fallenshadow has bounds of arrogance, but show any towards her and be careful your claws don't become her scratching post!

Rats: These nasty little vermin don't act as prey should, and Fallenshadow loves nothing more than to put them in their place.

Dogs: The ancient rivalry between cats and dogs does not exclude this she-cat. She hates dogs simply because they exist.


Kits: She likes youth, and considers becoming a mother but can't seem to find the tom that's right for her.

Spring: The time that everything seems to be reborn, and a time of plenty. She likes the flowers and beauty that come with spring, and welcomes the time of plenty.

Apprentices: Amuse her to no end unless they are overly confident. Sometimes it varies apprentice to apprentice if she likes them.


Beserk: She is not as good a fighter as she is a hunter, because in battle if she gets angry she loses it. A complete berserker, it's best just not to try this cat's patience. She doesn't mind a few scratches if it means she accomplishes her goal.

Distrust: Not trusting of those she meets at first, sometimes she takes a minute to warm up to others. This is a weakness because sometimes others take it the wrong way, earning her enemies.

Matter-of-Fact: Very open about her opinion; If she does NOT like someone, it WILL be expressed. It's just one of those things you should expect to deal with when handling Fallenshadow. Luckily, Fallenshadow doesn't have this issues often.


Loyal: Above all, this she-cat is loyal and values the loyalty of others; she may not show it, but once she decides she likes someone she considers them worth protecting. If, of course, they need protection.

Huntress: She is a great hunter, and loves to get lost in the thrill of catching prey for her clan. She loves hunting, but hates those who disturb her while she is tracking prey. Best just let her finish a hunt before you speak to her.

Responsible: Can't say much about her level of respect, but give her a task and she will probably carry through. Unless she really, really hates you for some reason and would rather eat mouse-bile than follow your orders.

Mother: Unknown.
Father: Unknown.
Littermates: Unknown.
Aunt(s): Unknown.
Uncle(s): Unknown.

Mate: None currently.
Kits: None currently.

Clan: Fox-clan
Rank: Warrior (Would like to be leader eventually, but fine with warrior rank)
History: This she-cat never knew her family, as her father was a loner and her mother died giving birth to her. She doesn't know if she has any brothers, sisters, aunt, or uncles; only that if she does they are not currently inside the clan as far as she can tell. She has never been a loner, and never plans to become one despite her strongly independent personality. She loves her clan, and would not abandon them for anything the world could possibly offer.
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