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 Biography Template.

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Biography Template. Empty
PostSubject: Biography Template.   Biography Template. EmptySat May 09, 2015 8:04 pm

{Picture; Not Optional}
Name: {not optional}
Age: (in moons; not optional}
Gender: {Not optional}
Sexual Orientation: {Optional}
Appearance: {Not Optional}
{Picture; Optional}
Personality: {At least three sentences.}
Dislikes: {At least three}
Likes: {At least three}
Weaknesses: {At least three}
Strengths: {At least three}
{Picture; optional}
Littermates: {If any}
Aunt(s): {If any}
Uncle(s): {If any}

Mate: {If any}
Kits: {If any}
{Picture; Optional}
Clan: (SC, CC, FC, VC, rogue/loner, or kittypet)
Rank: {do not apply for deputy}
History: {At least a paragraph}
{Picture; Optional}


[center]{Picture; Not Optional}[/center]
[center]Name: {not optional}[/center]
[center]Age: (in moons; not optional}[/center]
[center]Gender: {Not optional}[/center]
[center]Sexual Orientation: {Optional}[/center]
[center]Appearance: {Not Optional}[/center]
[center]{Picture; Optional}[/center]
[center]Personality: {At least three sentences.}[/center]
[center]Dislikes: {At least three}[/center]
[center]Likes: {At least three}[/center]
[center]Weaknesses: {At least three}[/center]
[center]Strengths: {At least three}[/center]
[center]{Picture; optional}[/center]
[center]Littermates: {If any}[/center]
[center]Aunt(s): {If any}[/center]
[center]Uncle(s): {If any}[/center]

[center]Mate: {If any}[/center]
[center]Kits: {If any}[/center]
[center]{Picture; Optional}
Clan: (SC, CC, FC, VC, rogue/loner, or kittypet)[/center]
[center]Rank: {do not apply for deputy}[/center]
[center]History: {At least a paragraph}[/center]
[center]{Picture; Optional}

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Biography Template.
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