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 Darkheart (Squirrel Clan)

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PostSubject: Darkheart (Squirrel Clan)   Darkheart (Squirrel Clan) EmptyThu May 14, 2015 2:28 pm

{Picture; Not Optional}Darkheart (Squirrel Clan) Darkhe11

Name: {not optional} Darkheart
Age: (in moons; not optional} 54 moons
Gender: {Not optional} Tom
Sexual Orientation: {Optional} straight

Appearance: {Not Optional} Darkheart is a tabby that sometimes seems to have a rough look. He is a slightly large tom with well define muscles under his pelt. He has hazel eyes.
{Picture; Optional}
Personality: {At least three sentences.} Darkheart is a very serious tom when it comes to his warrior duties. He's very dependable and loyal. He's not a tom you want to cross.
Dislikes: {At least three} breaking the warrior code, snow, and twolegs
Likes: {At least three} patrolling, keeping the clan safe, and food
Weaknesses: {At least three} his size ( disadvantage when fighting smaller quicker cats) , hunting because he can have heavier pawsteps. sometimes will not listen to other opinions when his mind is set on something.
Strengths: {At least three} (his size (advantage when fighting medium -large size cats), great fighter, good guard.

{Picture; optional}
Mother: Fernflower (deceased, died in kit bearing)
Father:  Timberclaw (deceased, died or old age)
Littermates: {If any} none
Aunt(s): {If any} none
Uncle(s): {If any} none

Mate: {If any} none.
Kits: {If any} none

{Picture; Optional}
Clan: (SC, CC, FC, VC, rogue/loner, or kittypet) SC
Rank: {do not apply for deputy} warrior
History: {At least a paragraph} Darkheart was born in the clan to Fernflower and Timberclaw. His mother stay alive long enough to name him before sadly passing away. After her passing, his father tended to ignore him, seeing as Dartheart was the reason Fernflower passed. With having no family, Darkheart dedicated himself to his training. secretly hoping his father would change his mind about him but it never happened. Timberclaw passed away as an elder, never speaking to Darkheart as a son.

{Picture; Optional}
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PostSubject: Re: Darkheart (Squirrel Clan)   Darkheart (Squirrel Clan) EmptyThu May 14, 2015 3:15 pm

ACCEPTED (Declared by SilenceStar)

You may begin to RP once your name has been changed. 
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Darkheart (Squirrel Clan) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Darkheart (Squirrel Clan)   Darkheart (Squirrel Clan) Empty

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Darkheart (Squirrel Clan)
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