A warrior cat roleplay
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 lead of VOLE CLAN

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PostSubject: lead of VOLE CLAN    lead of VOLE CLAN  EmptyWed May 13, 2015 5:11 pm

{Picture; Not Optional}
Name: {not optional}Beautystar
Age: (in moons; not optional}3 season
Gender: {Not optional}female
Sexual Orientation: {Optional}
Appearance: {Not Optional} brown fur with stripes
{Picture; Optional}
Personality: {At least three sentences.}cold-hearted, flirty, intelligent, protective, loyal, sassy
Dislikes: {At least three} males, evil cats(someone who tries to kill them), climbing
Likes: {At least three} swimming, hunting, playing and singing
Weaknesses: {At least three}
trust others, her clan, family
Strengths: {At least three}
† fighting, hiding, swimming
{Picture; optional}
Mother: deceased
Father: deceased
Littermates: {If any} pregnant with five
Aunt(s): {If any}none
Uncle(s): {If any}none

Mate: {If any}none
Kits: {If any}none

{Picture; Optional}
Clan: (SC, CC, FC, VC, rogue/loner, or kittypet) vc
Rank: {do not apply for deputy} leader
History: {At least a paragraph}
†beautystar was born in a cruel place where you have to fight for your food and place to stay. if you don't fight for your food they will be gone. if you are weak you die. there is no clam time for beauty star when she was young. all her siblings was killed as they grow up. One day beauty star met a beautiful and handsome male whom she fall in love with. they become mate and she was pregnant with litter of kittens. as day past she began to notice her mate's distance. one day she secretly follows him and find him with another female cat. she over heard that he doesn't love her at ALL! heartbroken beauty star left with betrayal and anger, she promise never love any male again
{Picture; Optional}
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lead of VOLE CLAN  Empty
PostSubject: Re: lead of VOLE CLAN    lead of VOLE CLAN  EmptyWed May 13, 2015 6:16 pm

I'm sorry but you are not accepted as voleclan's leader.

There are a few things wrong with your bio;
1. The name Beauty is not an appropriate name for a warrior cat. I realize I said that it was okay, but I thought it over last night and if we allow you to have a name like that others will want to be unrealistic when naming their character, Beauty is more of a kittypet, loner, or rogue name.

2. Littermates are your siblings, so she cannot be pregnant with her own siblings.
3. the bio itself is hard to read because of how you've posted it, you are allowed to remove {not optional}.
4. Your personality isn't three sentences long, it's not even one. Basically you've placed traits, which is okay, but it should be explained.

I honestly don't mean to be rude, so if I come off as such I do apologize
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lead of VOLE CLAN
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