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 Poison Apples: An au OUAT RPG [JCINK][LB]

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PostSubject: Poison Apples: An au OUAT RPG [JCINK][LB]   Poison Apples: An au OUAT RPG [JCINK][LB] EmptyWed May 13, 2015 12:26 pm

Poison Apples: An au OUAT RPG [JCINK][LB] J1ZXx0v
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We are a JCINK AU Once Upon A Time RPG. We are a flexible intermediate board that uses a liquid timeline spread out across all Once. Our goal is to have our own universe, so people can pick canons and use what they like best about them and maybe not take everything from canon. Players are limited to two canons and a maximum of six characters to try and keep everything fair without restricting anyone too much. Friendly staff with an active and loyal member base. A basic site plot based on current Season 3, but we strive to be member driven!

We accept both canon and original characters! Including fairy tales not touched in the series! Hoping to get more men, POC, and LGTB character for more diversity! But always looking for more members no matter what!

It was just another chaotic day in Storybrooke, Maine 2013. Portals were opening everywhere, people from all different realms were crowding into Storybrooke with no idea where they were. People were reuniting and separating, looking for loved ones and fighting against their curses. Everyone was just trying to regain their happy endings. Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy were in the Enchanted Forest. The Snow Queen was planning on rescuing them by sending the town's baker after them. Hercules was rallying the residents to help run the town. Captain Hook and other former residents of Neverland were trying to find a place for them to call home. Snow White and her family were trying to make sure no one kills each other. So, just another day in Storybrooke.

"Everyone wants a magical solution for their problems, and everyone refuses to believe in magic."

We've been through a lot in Storybrooke. Monsters, sorceresses, giants, and this list could literally go on forever. But that's what happens when an Evil Queen brings a kingdom from Fairytale Land into one without magic.

That's what they call this land. The Land Without Magic. But that didn't last very long because Rumpelstiltskin, the Dark One, brought magic to this land as quickly as he could. Things when from remotely stressful to completely, constantly stressful. We had the Queen of Hearts tormenting us, then rabid portals bringing people from everywhere into our little town. Now we have everyone from Esmeralda to Merlin are having lunch at Granny's.

As though things couldn't get worse. They had a year missing from their memories. No one could find an answer. But finally it's become clear. Once in Storybrooke there were two agents from an organization called the Home Office. The Home Office is a scientific organization that hates all things magic, believing it doesn't belong in our world. Or any other really.

A year ago they started placing their people into our town, right during the portal crisis so that no one would notice the suddenly new people. They've been watching us, and when they were discovered they made it so that we lost all our memories. Now thanks to the the fragile state of the veil between worlds, the protective barrier around our town has collapsed.

Now, it's full out war. They want nothing more than to destroy all magic, and all practitioners of magic. And they'll do whatever they have to in order to complete their goals.

Which side will you be on? This is the time where all our attempts to have normals lives are brought to a head with the danger of our town being threatened. Small battles, large battles, friends, enemies, and lovers will all be put to the test.

Needless to say, they all have a lot more to worry about than just

Poison Apples

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Poison Apples: An au OUAT RPG [JCINK][LB]
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