A warrior cat roleplay
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Name: SilenceStar
Warrior name: SilenceFire
Age: 36Moons
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Appearance: SilenceStar is a rather small in stature pure white, long furred she-cat with crystal blue eyes.
Fur texture: Soft.

SilenceStar Silence

Silence is seen as a cold hearted feline, her hatred and distrust for others came at an early age for her. She is distant, crude, snarky, and harsh but to those that can break the barrier that she has built up and made stronger over her life time, she is kind, loving and gentle, deep down inside she has the heart of the tom that rescued her. She has respect for those who ask for aid and doesn't look down on them, her only wish in life is to protect her clan with all of her strength and keep peace among the other clans.

• Kits ~ She finds them distasteful, crude, and weird looking.
• Fire ~ She just doesn't like it.
• Dogs ~finds them to be an annoyance.
• Two-legs ~ Thinks the smell and look funny

• Rain ~ A comforting sound that helps calm and relax her.
• Badgers ~ Since the night her family was killed, she has favored badgers but will still fight one if it means her clan is in danger.
• Thunder ~ A noise that can put her to sleep.
• the Night ~ She loves peacefulness that the night gives off, the sounds of the crickets chirping, owls screeching and the breeze that only the night gives.

• Her Independence ~ Also one of her strengths. Independence is her weakness due to her never asking for help even if she might need it.
• Her mistrust

• Her independence ~ Silence has a reputation of not depending on others, having had it drilled in her head that asking or looking to others for aid was weakness Silence has always avoided asking.
• Her love for her clan ~ the love she has for her clan outweighs anything, she would fight to the death if it mean saving them.
• Her wisdom ~ Having been a rogue and trained by one of the best warriors in the clan silence has learned a bunch.

SilenceStar Silence2
Father:                    Mother:
SilenceStar Bear SilenceStar Silver

Littermates: Mouse, Boulder, Hawk.
Aunt(s): None that she knows of.
Uncle(s): None that she knows of.

Mate: None
Kits: None

SilenceStar Crowclan
Clan: CrowClaw
Rank: Leader
Lives: 9
Was Deputy to DarkStar.
Was trained by GrayStrike

"All stories begin and end in the same way. They are introduced into the world and are bid a goodbye when they gasp for their last breathe of air. It's what you do and what happens in the middle that make that story yours."
I was born in the dead of Winter along side my three littermates, my mother and father were mere rogues, not caring about those around them. They hated weakness, they believed that being in a clan meant you were weak. Sickness, injuries, depending on others, all of that made you weak.
I was born the runt of the litter, therefore I was weak and disposeable, my mother wished to keep me until our fifth moon in hopes that I would grow to fit my three littermates. On our first moon we were given names, I was given the name Silence my littermates; Mouse, Hawk, and Boulder. My father kept a close eye on me, his gaze filled with hatred his voice filled with emotions I was quite familiar with, not understanding why I was an outcast I kept to myself and created my own games.
By the time our fifth moon rolled around I was still smaller then the rest and my mother had given up the hope that I would grow into my pelt. My siblings were much larger than I and were already being taught how to hunt small prey, of course do to my size my father thought of a cruel way for them to practice without having to venture to far from the den.
Each night I wished for them for them to parish in the worst ways I could think of. I had grown bitter and felt hatred in my heart, there no longer was hope or curiosity.. Only anger and hate and the yearning to hear their caterwauling of pain. I hadn't spoken to them since the age of four moons nor had i felt the comfort of my mothers warmth.. Little did i know my wish would come true in the dead of night, their panic and fear rising up and filling the den with an awfully sweet smell. I can remember a large black and white creature with beady black eyes and rank breathe that smelled of crowfood, the creature snarled viciously and easily knocked my mother to the side.
I felt a mixture of fear and satisfaction as i heard my littermates howl in pain as their blood coated the rock floor, in a sense of panic I pressed myself into the wall of the den and only then did I see a stream of light coming from a hole in the den that led out and i escaped and ran never looking back.
I was alone for a few sunrises until a large gray tom found me, he had a voice like honey and a gaze that was just as sweet, at first I was weary of his kindness and refused to speak, he didn't mind much he told me of his clan and where he lived that i could go along with him and become stronger there that they aided those who needed it.
"I did join the clan, my apprenticeship of course was held back two moons so i could gain my strength. At seven moons I became an apprentice and trained under the tom who found me. GrayStrike was a brilliant tom with a heart that was bigger then his own mind.. Days turned into moons and moons into Seasons and I finally was made warrior.. Little did i know i was to one day lead the clan that accepted me even though i was the runt..... This is my story like it or not, i was born without worth and made something of myself because i was given the chance, this is my story and i wouldn't change it for the world"

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